We do it BETTER!

We let you HEAR your mix before it is done! Who does that? You’re gonna love this!


Our unique custom workflow involves you from the start - listen and make changes as we go. It’s a faster more efficient process!


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Lets Talk!

Tell us about your ideas!! We want to talk to you!

An outline is great or an 8count sheet is better - we do ours on Google - its too easy!

The first thing you will get from us is a ROUGH mix - music in place with a voice counting 8 behind it.

so 5,6,7,8 -Intro 2 8counts -1 8count Transition Song 1 - Stunt 5 8counts - you know the drill.

The ROUGH mix is amazing - here is why :

  • You have something to start working with! Just days after purchasing a mix!

  • Start building your routine or hear the mix to see if it matches your already built routine.

  • You can start to practice right away! The voice counting 8 keep you from yelling all day!

  • Hear your music at “cheer mix” tempo - how does that song sound at 144bpm - too fast or slow?

  • See if you like the music in the order that you’ve requested.

PRO TIP - A great cheer mix song is one that is already a fun song - that is slightly slower than your mix tempo - Aim for songs that are 128 - 150 beats per minute (BPM) for a 144 BPM mix tempo.
— Trevor

Here is what to listen for in your ROUGH mix -

After you hear your ROUGH mix tell us about any changes you want to make - we will make revisions quickly and send you a new ROUGH mix - we’ve done up to 5 to 6 rough mixes on more complex routines! You are in control from the start. Most mixes are ready to build after the first ROUGH mix - we are that good!

It wont have clever transitions or beats or bass or voice overs or sound effects - yet.

When you get your first ROUGH mix - its like a pencil sketch - so its a little - hmmm rough.

  • Does your mix match your routine?

  • Is the mix you outlined the right size - is it too long or too short? How many 8 counts is a 1:30 mix at 144?

  • Do you like your music that you picked? Does it sound good at mix tempo?

  • Does your music sound too fast or slow?

  • Do you like the song you picked for the stunts - or how about your dance jam?

We can tell you before you even buy music if we think it will sound good at your mix tempo.

We can add in sound effect hits - so that you can practice with the HITS in place - just ask!

THe full build and the final drafts

So you have heard 3 versions of your mix - you love the way it sounds ! Tell us you are ready for the full build - then we will do our thang! - Yeah I said thang.

“We are done when you LOVE IT!”

The next big step is to BUILD out the cheer mix - thats the part we love to do! This is when the magic happens - we add in claps, snares, snare builds, hi-hats and other percussion to add energy to the beats - where it is needed - this offers energy! - We build a custom kick (bass) drum track with hype rolls to build energy, like a mini song that builds in energy during it’s short 5 8counts. We add sub bass so it will sound great on the big speakers! We add in transitional sound effects to tell the listener where new sections start and stop - swooshes and wooshes!

We add in dynamic and exciting sound effects to match your 8count sheet ! BLING!

We add in custom voice overs - you write them or we can write them- Pick in-house voice overs or we have relationships with the best voice over artists in the industry! If you can dream it up we can get it done!!

Once all this has been done - you will have a final mix that you have been working with us on all along - nothting is left to be done! Of course we can still switch up effects or add things as needed!