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NOTE : As of June 10th – we are rebuilding our site and our product offerings as fast as we can.  We will spend the summer building fresh modern original music that you can piece together and build a mix.  Add Sound FX and Voice Overs


Demos, pre-made mixes and instructional / explaination videos are coming soon!!!


Pricing:   Prices for 2016 / 2017  Season – subject to change- dictated by demand

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Pre-made Mixes – Price will be next to each mix (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) – Make note of the MIX # Code and contact us below to order.

Pre-Made mixes will be the cheapest and fastest option and will include selections  for all levels of teams!

Pre-Made mixes will range between $50 and $250 dollars depending on the quality of the music, complexity of the mix and voiceovers contained.

Pre-Made mixes can be customized with specific sound effects and custom voice overs.

Quick Team Name – $10  Voice Over by Trevor $20/8count,  Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count

Sound Effects are $2 each placement or $20 per block of 15.


Custom “Build A Mix”  –  Choose from great sounding pre-made music sections – some will be available with a voice over built in.  Cost below covers all sound effects.   No two mixes will be alike – you build the mix. Comes with a FREE 8count beat mix, made to your 8count sheet so that you can practice right away.  Get the beat mix within days of ordering!   You will hear your mix again before the FX and Voice Overs – then again when it is done.    Hearing your mix before it is finished saves us all time and we GET IT RIGHT!  No painful post mix revision process that costs extra!

:30 – $250 – Cost Covers up to 4 8counts Custom voice over by Trevor.  Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count

:60 – $330 – Cost Covers up to 6 8counts Custom voice over by Trevor.  Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count

1:30 –  $450 – Cost Covers up to 10 8counts Custom voice over by Trevor. Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count

2:00 – $550  Cost Covers up to 12 8counts Custom voice over by Trevor.  Covers 4 8counts Premium Custom Voice over – from my team.

2:30 – $650  All Voice Over by Trevor   +  Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count

2:30 – $800 – Cost Covers up to UNLIMITED 8counts Custom voice over by Trevor.  Price Covers 8 8counts Premium Custom Voice over – from my team.  Additional 8-counts of  Premium Custom Voice Over $25/ 8count


Custom “Build A Mix” Dance, Hip-Hop and POM Mixes – Choose from our music selections.  Music will be expertly blended to create high-energy music mixes.

Price $100 per :30 – These are music only mixes, not built into cheer mixes.  This price does not include any sound effects or voice overs.   Custom Voice Overs- $25/ 8count


boom! BLACK LABEL FULL ORIGINAL – All custom built for the highest level teams. Full on “one of a kind” 100% unique boom! mix – no one will have the same mix!

These mixes include :

Telephone and e-mail consultation.

A free custom made beat mix, to your 8count sheet within 1 day of purchase so that you can start to practice.

A multi audition creative input process that puts you in the driver seat fixing things as we go. You hear your mix several times before the final is delivered.

Revisions for sound effect placements throughout the year.

Your mix will be created based on your 8count specifications and will contain brand new elements and brand new vocals. All custom built.

These mixes will include both male and female voice overs as well as 5 different styles and effects for the vocals.  Custom Raps written about you, for you. Well planed and though out modern sounding raps recorded by talented rappers.


:30 – $300 Up to 6 Full Custom voice over 8counts from Trevor & Team

:60 – $600  Up to 12 Full Custom voice over 8counts from Trevor & Team

1:30  – $900  Up to 18 Full Custom voice over 8counts from Trevor & Team

2:00 – $1200  Up to 26 Full Custom voice over 8counts from Trevor & Team

2:30 – $1500   Up to 33 Full Custom voice over 8counts from Trevor & Team


Cover Music Edit Rates – Includes a free Rough Mix of edited covers for your practice mix, a full build out + FX audition and finally the final audition.  You source and license the cover music and then send them to me to edit and create your cheer mix.  I will add all my magic to the covers to make them sound like a cheer mix.  These mixes include 10 voice overs by Trevor and premium custom voice overs are $25/8count.  Included are unlimited sound effects.  These mixes are built to your 8count sheet.

For Cheer Mixes

:30 – $150

:60 – $250

1:30 -$350

2:00 -$450

2:30 – $550

Music Only editing for Dance Mixes – Mixes are constructed from your outline or 8count sheet.  

:30 – $75

:60 – $100

1:30 -$200

2:00 -$250

2:30 – $300


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