Pre-Made Dance MIxes

100% USA Cheer Compliant Pre-Made Dance Mixes

We make great dance mixes! 100% Compliant with USA Cheer music rules. They are not corny or expensive!

Here is a pre-made dance mix for sale – $350 – Can be chopped to fit your needs for a lower price for content plus edit fee of $25 I will be making more and more of these so please check back often. If there is something I can do for you please let me know. Because you will need a license for this mix, to purchase contact me and we will do an invoice. Im available to answer questions anytime!



Here is an example of a fully compliant dance mix 2:30 in length and can be chopped down to fit your time length. This is all %100 compliant- it is %75 original composition with some royalty free production elements that are completely usable. I hold full copyright on this and can license it to you directly. This mix would be $350. I hope that this helps restore faith that there will be incredibly high quality dance music for not an arm and a leg. I will do custom stuff too. Please contact me to let me know the kinds of dance music and hip-hop you would like me to make and lengths of time. Thank you for your kind consideration of my work.

This mix is $350

Length :2:30 – can be chopped to fit your needs.

15 + 2 =