Custom Cheerleading Music Mixes


Here you can order custom music mixes for cheerleading.


A custom cheer mix is an important investment, we understand that.


We work with you to first understand what you want your mix to be and then try and help you reach that objective.  We give you creative input and editorial approval throughout the entire process.


 You will find we work a little differently than most other cheer music mixing companies.

Here is an outline of our process:

Initial Conversation– Let’s talk about what kind of mix you want, what is your vision?  I want to deliver exactly what you want!

8 Count Sheet/ Routine Outline – If you have an 8count sheet that is great but you don’t need one, a simple outline of your mix will work.   Let’s work on getting you a practice rough mix that you can start to practice with right away.

If you need an 8count sheet – just contact me below and I will share my 8count sheet on Google Drive, you can edit it online.

Foundation/ROUGH DRAFT 1 – Within a few days of receiving your routine outline or 8count sheet, you will receive a practice mix!  The practice mix is a ROUGH, and I mean ROUGH draft.  The mix will have a voice counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  This rough draft is for you to decide if the mix feels right, if the sections are long enough and if your routine will work within that arrangement.

Customer Feedback on Draft 1 – lets talk again – after you have had a chance to review the rough mix and practice with it, we can make changes.  Sometimes this process will repeat itself a few times until you are sure you have the right foundation for the mix.

Customer Sign Off on Arrangement  –  When you feel comfortable that the arrnagment of the mix is just what you want, give me the word and I will proceed to build out your mix into a full cheer mix.

Customer Hears Fully Built Mix – This is the fun part.  This is the part the teams love the most.  A great sounding mix inspires!   – Any notes or suggestions are addressed.

Sound Effects and Voice Overs –  Icing on the cake!  Once the mix has been approved by you, then the sound effects and voice overs are added last.

Customer offered final editorial approval – When you are happy, I’m happy!

Delivery  Delivery of final mix sent electronically via e-mail in MP3 encoded at 320kbps, the highest MP3 resolution available.  At your request, I can mail a CD of your mix to you.

Final Mix Practice Mix –  In addition to your final mix, you will receive a copy of your final mix with a count overlaid 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  The memory of the counts become a part of the mix and helps everyone to stay together.


For 2016- 2017 season

0:00 to :30 $150.00

:31 to 1:00 $225.00

1:01 to 1:30 $350.00

1:31 to 2:00 $450.00

2:01 to 2:30 $550.00

*we reserve the right to change prices as needed

Payment for custom cheer mixes is typically paid in full upfront.  Arrangements of  half upfront and half before final delivery can be made for new customers.   Full pay upfront required for international orders.

Once you get your invoice in your e-mail, click on the PayPal link in the e-mail, this will take you to PayPal’s secure encrypted site so that you can enter payment info.  We do NOT have access to your credit card information.  You can pay with your PayPal account or with a credit card. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal.


use pappal to order custom music for cheerleading




You have questions, Let’s talk:

Every good mix starts with a conversation.

If you want us to build off of your 8 count sheets we do that at no extra charge.

Contact us below, we will share an 8count from Google Drive that you can easily edit right online that I can see right away.  No saving, no attachments needed.

We look forward to working with you and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.



 Contact Trevor below if you have questions or want to get started.

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