What We Do

Here is what we do:

Boomcheermix.com is proud to be a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer.

For the 2016 -2017 Season

  1. Full Custom Original Music Mixes for Cheer, Dance, Hip-Hop and Pom – This would include music that was made by boomcheermix.com, custom sound effects and custom voice overs from in-house vocal talent as well as some really talented 3rd party vocal artists.
  2. Build Your Own mix – combine pre-made boom! original mix sections together, add FX and voice overs for your own unique mix!
  3. We create amazing cheer vocals, so If you just need a few voice overs or raps for a project you are putting together, don’t hesitate to contact us for a vocal!
  4. We will have pre-made boom! original music mixes available – these mixes would include original music that was made by Boomcheermix.com and can offer a legal license to you for that music.  These mixes will be customized with sound effects and custom cheer vocals for a truly affordable mix.
  5. We may also act as editors to edit music that you may have sourced legally and for which you have full license to use.  A USA Cheer Preferred vendor for this kind of licensed cover music is unleashthebeats.com

PLEASE Excuse our mess while we construct our website!!  Demos, Pre-Made mixes, Pricing and Programs coming soon! 



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