We produce 100% Fully Compliant Music for Cheer and Dance!  

We are a Preferred Cheer & Dance Team Music Provider by USA Cheer


Our primary goal :  To make amazing original music and then make amazing WINNING music mixes from our own music!

   THIS IS HUGE! >> No one does this like we do!   We offer a custom built beat mix made to customers 8count sheet that has a voice counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 – Delivered just a few days after you order so you can start to practice and make sure that your 8count sheet matches your music.  This is so important – this save everyone time to make sure that you have the proper foundation for your mix – the shape and size of each section.

  We offer our customers creative input through the entire custom mix process.  Revisions are made as we go, our customers request very few revisions from us after their mix is done.  We get it right the first time!

When you can hear how things are going from the start there is no need to make extensive changes.  Get it right the first time, get exactly what you want!

We are different here is how:

  • You continuously have access to modern, cool sounding music to choose from for your mix.
  • Your price WON’T be beat for the level of quality and customization we offer!!!
  • You hear your mix several times before its “finished” and we work together to revise it as we go!
  • You get a FREE 8count practice mix custom built to your 8count sheet.  Just within a few days of purchase! Practice right away!
  • Our mixes are professionally mastered in house.  Your mix will sound amazing it will be louder and clearer than your competition’s mix.  That matters!!!  Our customers tell us this again and again.
  • Our mixes are always %100 locked to the beat- no weird transitions or off count beats.
  • Our music and sound quality, in our opinion are among the highest in the industry!
  • We take the time to listen to our customers – owner operated, no staff or ghost producers.
  • We pride ourselves on quick and professional communication.  You will never wonder where we went!
  • Our customers have access to hear their mixes before they are done – revise as we go!


 You deserve the best – we have the best!


For your mix, we  use the best equipment and top of the line software to produce mixes that sound amazing.   Our mixes are always 100% locked to the beat- every song, every sound effect, there will be no missed beats to throw off the groove.      Our customers tell us again and again that their mix was the loudest and the best sounding of all the mixes played in competitions- that does matter.  We master each individual mix to sound great on any system.

Instead of  a “here it is, take- it-or-leave-it” attitude, we work with you cooperatively to get you the mix you want.

If you want to order or ask questions please contact us below.  We get back to our customers very quickly!!!



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