Our Mixing Studio

We take this very seriously.


Our studio is located in the south west suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.   We have invested a great deal of time and effort to design a comfortable and proper space in which to make ART!

The studio features two Mac computers and we run Reason, Logic Pro 9 and scores of other plugins by Native Instruments and iZotope.  Our sound effects come from the best sound effect libraries online and as sound designers we also design our own.

We mix exclusively with Ableton Live 8.  Ableton, with its amazing sound quality and flexibility, makes it the industry standard digital audio workstation for top music producers.

The studio has custom acoustic treatment that allow us to hear the mix exactly as it is.  The acoustic absorbers are on the walls and even the ceiling.  It prevents us from hearing the sound coming from the speakers more than once directly.  This allows us to hear the music like it is.  Attention has been paid to every detail, even our speaker stands were custom built to place the speakers at the perfect ear level.

Attention is paid to every detail of a mix.    The studio’s sound system sounds great.  We listen through Apogee converters (sound card) into Mackie monitors.  If the mix sounds good here then it will sound good everywhere.